Why Choose us?

Bond Berry Natural Cork, Presents the World with environmentally friendly options, hence adding to a healthy and balanced and also well balanced partnership with nature to the sustainability as well as welfare of future generations. We make cork applications for a wide range of purposes. We guide our technical work in order to respond the needs of your business area. Some examples: Food Products, Fishing Articles, Cosmetics, Olive oil, Vinegar.
We are dedicated to this thing as well as creating cork products. cork itself is just one of the most environmentally-friendly products in the world. cork made product benefit both liquid and solid mediums. The lightweight, resilience in addition to compressibility of the corks are a few of the outstanding qualities. BondBerry Cork a royal level supplier with amazing along with unbeatable cork product like wine cork stopper, bottle closure, cork bags as well as massive group of fashion. We believe in 100% Natural because of that we supply 100%  Portuguese Cork.